Shine P. Maoate

Your Next Valued Team-Member

On a mission to expand her existing skills of digital marketing and business management within the Property and/or Digital Marketing sector...

Who is Shine P. Maoate

Shine is an homeschooled digital marketing graduate with skills developed in:

  • Business Operations & Systems
  • Digital Marketing (Website Development, Social Media Advertising & Digital Marketing, Copywriting)
  • Property (Building, Renovations & Rentals)
  • Accounts & Administration
  • Computer Technology
  • Customer Service (Direct Communication With Clients, Verbal & Written)

Below you'll find a host of projects and work experiences she has been involved with aswell as the specific skills she has gained along the way. 

Work Experiences

Cook Islands Donuts, Digital Product

Key Role: Website Builder, Product Creator, Customer Service Representative

  • Creation and designing of website
  • Assisted in the creation of information products using Microsoft Word & Powerpoint.
  • Ensure and manage the delivery of digital products to customers.
  • Integration of payment processors, Paypal & Stripe.
  • Establish long-term relationships with customers via CRM system, Mailchimp

Surfboard Bike Carrier, Wholesale Business

Key Role: Website Builder

  • Creation of site using Wordpress
  • Integration of payment processor, Paypal

Cook Islands Language, Online Membership Course

Key Role: Website Builder, Product Creator, Video Editor & Producer, Online Membership Management, Marketing Specialist

  • Plan, design and record presentations with high competency, using Powerpoint and Google Slides.
  • Major participation in the recording, editing and production of video lessons using Camtasia Studio.
  • Develop a secure mobile-responsive membership site for students to access learning material aswell as upload new lessons. 
  • Use Facebook's Advertising tools to generate 120+ leads within 48 hours of product launch.
  • Handle and respond to support tickets via email and social media.

Kumeu Lawns, Local Lawn Service

Key Role: Team Manager, Machine Operator, Administrative Assistant

  • Operation of lawn mowing equipment (ride on, weedeaters, etc)
  • Management of staff on-site.
  • Receiving and responding to incoming phone calls and inquiries.
  • Liaise with suppliers to handle maintenance issues and repairs relating to lawn equipment.
  • Over the years in this business, I have been able to develop and improve my skills in teamwork, operation systems, organization, strategic thinking, customer service & communication, and time management.

Garage Dismantlers / Flatpacks, Find'n'Flip Business

Dismantling 6MX9M Garage, North Shore

Key Role: Labourer, Marketing Asisstant

On-site duties:

  • Plan and prepare required equipment needed for jobs.
  • Help in the dismantling and packing of garage.

Off-site duties:

  • Work with in-house copywriter to write persuasive long-form copy for each garage (approx $5K - $20K min each). 
  • Craft, deploy and distribute highly responsive text ad campaigns in Northern newspapers
  • Collate related images and videos necessary for assembling together garage parts, to send to customers. 
  • Liaise with Hiab services to deliver garages well and safely.

Renovations & Buildings

Renovation in Massey

Renovation in Helensville

Transporting 3Mx6M Portable Cabin

  • Mid-year 2016 to 2018, operated a property wholesaling business - building portable self-contained sleepout units. Through this experience, I gained basic trade skills (such as building, plumbing, gibbing, carpet laying, decking, fence-building, painting, and drainlaying); and administrative skills (such as accounting; cashflow management; communicating with suppliers; track and report income & expenses; and marketing of products online to motivated buyers).
  • In between 2017-2018, I also had the opportunity to participate in the renovation of 3 properties in Massey, Helensville, and Kumeu - resulting in an average property valuation increase by 60%.

My position for these projects off-site were primarily in

  • Marketing,

Helping our lead marketing director develop & deploy highly responsive ad campaigns as well as sale pages via social media platforms and newspaper.

  • and, Admins & Accounts.

Keeping all documentation organized, maintaining filing systems, data entry updating, stock-purchasing, collaboration with suppliers, and end-of-day reporting to senior authorities.

Brief Note:

We have built 37 cabins in total. Currently own 5 cabins as rental units, generating passive recurring income. Sold 32 portable, self-contained units to landowners, property investors, and business owners across New Zealand.

The Fireplace & Tandoori Indian Eatery, Local Restaurants

Tandoori, Kumeu

Key Role: Waitress, Kitchen Hand, Checkout Operator, Front of House

  • Worked part-time for these two local restaurants in Kumeu.
  • Operated POS terminals to input customer orders and receive payments via eftpos or cash.
  • Cleaned tables, floors, and kitchen areas to ensure that all working and customer spaces were clean and hygienic for everyone.
  • Honed my interpersonal communication skills, which resulted in building great and loyal recurring customers.


Graduated 2018, with skills developed in:

  • Business Operations & Systems
  • Digital Marketing
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Data Entry
  • Computer Technology
Brief Note:
During my formal schooling years, my learning comprised 50% of core academic curriculum, as required by the Ministry of Education. ie Maths, English, Sciences etc. The other 50% involved participating in operating businesses (online and offline). Most of my work experiences derive from operating multiple family businesses in various markets.


Interpersonal Skills:
Reliable | Adaptable | Quick Learner | Problem Solver | Goal-Oriented | Easy Going | Attention to Detail | Proactive | Resourceful | Open-minded | Resilient

Personal Skills:
Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) | Google Suite | Canva | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Accounting |Administration | Stock Orders & Management | Wordpress | Clickfunnels | Direct Response Copywriting | Video Production | Social Media Marketing
Property, Self Development, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Business Operations & Systems, and Squash


Here are duties that I will be able to perform immediately and at a high standard if you would make me a member of your team.

In-Office Duties:

  • Organize and keep the office filing systems
  • Handle phone, email, and general enquiries
  • Attend to in-store customers as well as handle customer service support
  • Prepare presentations within Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoints
  • Use excel software at a high competency level
  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Create and manage invoices
  • Keep book-keeping systems according to your accountants systems
  • Communicate with suppliers via phone or email
  • Receive and input customer orders
  • Pick and pack customer orders
  • Assist with branch inventory
  • Serve customers in front-line operations
  • Product packaging
  • Checkout / cashier operation
  • Assist with administration duties

Digital Marketing Duties:

  • Design and develop responsive web pages leveraging direct-marketing principles
  • Keep your website updated and optimized for search engines
  • Create email-sequences & broadcasting emails using autoresponders (Aweber, Get Response, Mail-Chimp, Active Campaign & Drip)
  • Manage and deploy content online
  • Create and develop information products (training courses, videos, audios, documents)
  • Carry out market research through the use of tools such as Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, SemRush, Spyfu, etc.
  • Assist in design material for marketing needs
  • Assist in planning and developing lead magnets (for list building purposes)
  • Research and create content that grows your business brand
  • Create and edit video marketing material
  • Manage social media online presence ie. LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Instagram, etc


My Final Message:

My promise to your company and the team is that I come well-prepared, with the requisite skills to serve your business and clients well. I am a fast learner and can adapt to situations fast with your direction, focus and repetition.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss a possible opportunity to work for your company. Please let me know if my offer interests you.

Warm Regards,

Shine P. Maoate

Mob: 0276468206